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The latest customs policy update/ development of customs special supervision areas/Hainan Free Trade Port, Asta Nie, Shilling Zhang
  • Shilling Zhang (Senior Manager of  World trade Management Service at PwC)

    Shilling Zhang

    Senior Manager of World trade Management Service at PwC

    Shilling is the Senior Manager of PwC's World trade Management Service (WMS) practice, based in Shanghai, China. Shilling has profound working experience in the field of Customs and international trade. Since joining a consulting firm in 2007, she has accumulated comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in this field.
    She participated in the establishment and implementation of various types of projects for multinational companies, such as processing trade handbook reconciliation, compliance review, customs valuation, customs audit and controversy cases, etc. Shilling worked with a wide spectrum of clients in industries, especially life science and consumer /luxury products industries. She accumulated deep practical experience in customs and trade compliance field.
    In recent years, with an increasing number of companies ‘going global’, Shilling is also committed to working with overseas teams to provide valuable suggestions from the perspective of costs optimization and trade compliance. The purpose is to help establish an effective supply chain system and solve various Customs-related issues in international trade, including the determination of origin, the theoretical basis and practices of Customs valuation, Customs classification, and design of supply chain framework, etc. Shilling holds a Bachelor Degree of Commerce from University of Melbourne, Australia. Shilling is a member of CPA Australia. She is fluent in English and Mandarin.

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  • Asta Nie (Head of Customs and Trade Compliance at Bayer Material Science)

    Asta Nie

    Head of Customs and Trade Compliance at Bayer Material Science

    Asta is a senior Customs and Trade Compliance professional with over 18 years extensive working experience both in consulting firms and different industries (e.g. Chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, retail, crop science, IT, high-tech, etc.) by focusing on Customs, international trade compliance, Customs and supply chain strategies and planning.
    Asta started her career in the consulting firm by focusing on Customs & Trade. She has rich experience in serving different industries including pharma, R&C, auto, industrial products, etc. Asta has good knowledge in both Customs (including Customs valuation, tariff classification, AEO certification, bonded business, duty exemption scheme, free trade agreement, compliance check etc.) and international trade compliance (including export control and sanction) with profound experience. When Asta worked in the industry, she assisted the company to build up regional Customs and trade function/framework as well as the different Customs and trade compliance programs. She also gained practical experience in assisting the company to gain favorable treatments including Customs advanced ruling, interim duty rate (IDR), AEO qualification, etc. from the adequate government authorities . Besides, Asta also has rich experiences in dealing with Customs audit and investigation and is able to provide practical insights by considering the industry particularity.
    During Asta's 18 years professional experience, she has been active in Customs community in different industry associations and built-up good network throughout China Customs.

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COVID-19 impact and its transfer pricing implications, Paul Tang, Nancy Chen
  • Nancy Chen (Manager Transfer Pricing Practice at PwC)

    Nancy Chen

    Manager Transfer Pricing Practice at PwC

    Nancy Chen is a manager in the PwC transfer pricing practice based in Shanghai. She has over 7 years of experience in advising Chinese and foreign multinational firms on their transfer pricing.
    Nancy has served various multinational companies (MNCs) located in China, and also Chinese domestic clients going abroad.
    Nancy has supported in various tax and transfer pricing projects, including transfer pricing compliance work, tax and transfer pricing risk review, transfer pricing planning and implementation, transfer pricing audit defense, and the applications for the bilateral advanced pricing arrangement between China and Switzerland, China and the U.K., China and Japan, China and Korea, as well as China and Sweden.
    Nancy has joined periodic discussions / seminars with Chinese tax authorities on various transfer pricing subjects, such as transfer pricing adjustment (“TPA”), value chain analysis, analysis on location-specific factors and COVID-19 related transfer pricing analyses. Nancy also assisted in discussions with Shanghai State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”) regarding the TPA pilot case in Shanghai.
    Nancy has served clients mainly in the industry of retail and consumer.
    Nancy holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Waseda University.
    Nancy is a fellow member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (“AICPA”).

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  • Paul Tang (Partner Transfer Pricing Practice at PwC)

    Paul Tang

    Partner Transfer Pricing Practice at PwC

    Paul Tang is a Partner in the PwC transfer pricing practice based in Shanghai. He has more than ten years of transfer pricing experience. Paul has worked in PwC Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing and Toronto offices.
    As one of PwC national transfer pricing core members, Paul assisted clients in successfully concluding China's first Mutual Agreement Procedure (“MAP”) with Japan (corresponding adjustment), two of China's first bilateral advance pricing arrangements (“APAs”) with Europe (Denmark), China’s second BAPA with US, China’s first MAP with Norway (corresponding adjustment), and China’s first bilateral APA with Switzerland.
    As a Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) advisor, Paul is the translator of and responsible for the Chinese version of BEPS Report Action 8-10 (Aligning Transfer Pricing Outcome with Value Creation) and Action 13 (Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country Reporting) published by China’s SAT.
    Paul was recognized by Euromoney’s Legal Media Group as the Rising Stars 2015 (Transfer Pricing Attorney, China).

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New trends of China's personal income tax and A comparative of roadmap to preferential policies (Hainan, GBA, Shanghai and Beijing), Chengfei Yuan
  • Chengfei Yuan (Tax Director of PwC)

    Chengfei Yuan

    Tax Director of PwC

    Chengfei has 14 years experience in PwC and joined PwC Société d’avocats (law firm of PwC France) in April 2006 in Paris, is director now. He specializes in both China/French corporate tax and international tax with Sino-French bi cultural (French and Chinese speaker).
    Chengfei is currently working for PwC Shanghai tax service (French tax desk) from October 8th 2013 . He has been involved extensively in dealings with European/French cross-border investment into the China and has extensive experiences in advising European/French multinational companies to formulate their investment strategies, structure their expansion and streamline their operating structures to comply with various business and tax regulations in China .
    Since 2006, he has worked for a broad range of top tear financial and strategic clients (e.g. CAC 40 groups and European mid-cap companies). His experience encompasses a broad range of industries including Automotive, energy and utilities, consumer products, healthcare, industrial, transport, sports and media.
    Chengfei obtained a Master degree of Corporate tax law from Paris Dauphine University (2006) as well as a Master degree of International commercial law from Paris X Nanterre University (2006).

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