We are happy to invite Aldo Spaanjaars on Thursday, December 1 at 6pm to talk about this book - Dragon Tactics. Join us for this book talk at The Belgian House. The presentation will be followed by a drink and some finger food.

Even before the conflicts in Ukraine, the world had entered a new era of uncertainty. Covid-19 disruptions merely added to climate changes challenges, rapid digitization and a new geopolitical situation with the rise of China. This powerful combination of factors of uncertainty is putting increasing strain on traditional business operating models.

In Dragon Tactics, China veterans - Aldo Spaanjaars and Sandrine Zerbib make the case there are many lessons for Western leaders to learn from Chinese entrepreneurs on how to thrive in uncertainty. For they have only known uncertain times. They have grown their business in an environment that has taught them to adapt often, thrive in chaos and overcome constant challenges of uncertainty. They have honed skills that are rooted in China's four-thousand-year-old history and culture. Management methods that borrow as much from Confucianism as from new technologies.

In less than thirty years, world-renewed Chinese companies like Haier, Huawei, Alibaba (and many other companies virtually unknown outside of China) have converted the country into a fast-paced consumer society and a powerhouse of innovation and survival. How did these Chinese brands become so successful so quickly in one of world's most unpredictable, hyper-competitive markets? How do they navigate the local uncertainty that frustrates and intimidates most Western managers?

Dragon Tactics, how Chinese Entrepreneurs Thrive in Uncertainty, not only unveils the secrets of how Chinese companies operate and stay competitive in the midst of uncertainty but also provides a clear set of quite unexpected but proven business management skills, how they came to be, and why they work - not only to succeed within China, but more importantly, to better navigate an increasingly uncertain and volatile world far beyond China's borders.

About the speaker:

Aldo Spaanjaars has been involved in business in China since 1992. His vast understanding and experiences range from creating award-wining advertising to managing retail chains and investment management. During his nearly 25-year career in China, Aldo has had extensive exposure to business practices in both global companies (as co-founder of J.Walter Thompson Beijing, COO of Adidas Greater China and CEO of Lacoste Greater China) and Chinese companies such as Fosun International, enabling him to compare the effectiveness of various management methodologies and come to the realisation that success in China, and increasingly abroad, requires the acceptance of new ways of thinking. Aldo Spaanjaars is EVP Anta Sports, Outdoor at Anta.

Date: Thursday, December 1 at 6pm

Location: The Belgian House - Changle Road 672, No 33.

Thank you to The Belgian House for providing the venue.


Aldo Spaanjaars

EVP Anta Sports, Outdoor at Anta


The Belgian House
627 Changle Road, Number 33
Shanghai, China

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