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The Benelux Chamber of Commerce China would like to invite you to our new edition of our multi-chapter podcast series. We will be discussing the trends in the hospitality sector in China. Together with our speakers from chapters Shanghai, PRD and Beijing, we will address the changes and trends from the lockdown to the opening.

All eyes are on this summer and the holidays 2020. How do our experts assess the ability of a country to re-open? In our podcast we are focusing on the strength of its hospitality and tourism industry. How the hospitality sector is pivoting can be a game changer for the post-covid19 recovery strategy.

The hospitality sector, including tourism, recreational and cultural sectors, has been severely afflicted since the lockdown started end of January. Despite seeing a significant decrease from the same period last year, travel figures are starting to pick up and the industry is showing the first signs of recovery.

In light of these developments, we are inviting four experts from the hospitality field to discuss the emerging changes in the industry, such as:

  • What are the effects on the safety and health priorities on the sector?
  • Fact and figures of the last months?
  • New emerging travel trends and attitudes?
  • What is the expectation for domestic travel?
  • How do safety precautions affect tourism and hospitality demands?
  • How do local businesses and local governments safeguard the interests of the public?
  • Digitalization in hospitality: how to comply with attendance and new safety precautions?

Join us on June 3rd for this interesting multi-chapter podcast, discussing the impact of the virus on the hospitality sector. The afternoon will be moderated by the GM's from the Benelux Chamber of Commerce China Chapters Shanghai, Mrs. Cecilia Vermeulen, Beijing, Mr. Jan Hu, and PRD, Mr. Egbert Kampherbeek.

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