ESG is the abbreviation of Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG has become an increasingly important factor for businesses as they seek to balance financial performance with social and environmental responsibility.

Employment compliance is a significant element under the social part of ESG. The ESG standards actually align with the compliance requirements under Chinese labor law system. It is more and more important for companies in China to align their practices with both sets of standards to create a more sustainable and socially responsible business.

The Benelux Chamber of Commerce is happy to invite you to this seminar by Maggie Jia, Partner and Head of Labor Law Department at DaWo Law Firm. The seminar will begin with an overview of ESG standards and how they apply to the workplace, including regulations around employees, prohibition of child labor, etc.

The seminar will focus on the intersection of ESG standards and employment requirements in China and highligths specific case studies and best practices to demonstrate how companies can improve their ESG perforamce while also ensuring they are meeting their legal obligations to employees in China.

This event will be hybrid. The online link will be shared 2 days before the event.

Date: Thursday, March 23 at 5pm


Member: RMB 150

Non-member: RMB 250


DaWo Law Firm Offices - 567 Weihai Road, 20th floor


Maggie Jia

Partner & Head of Labor Law Department at DaWo Law Firm Shanghai


DaWo Law Firm Shanghai Offices
567 Weihai Road, 20th floor

Shanghai, China

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