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Time is the most scarce and valuable resource in the world. Recognising the desire to get more value from our time, but also by means of adjusting to the current circumstances, business leaders are striving to offer more convenience and safety through digital work places. However, corporate productivity and efficiency are doomed to take a plunge.

Why? Because the gap in expectations isn't functional; it's emotional.

Emotions drive our behaviour, underpin relationships, lead to loyalty. As digital technology permeates every aspect of our personal and profession lives, it is inevitably changing the dynamic of our emotions, our motivations, and thus our connection to our employers/employees.

The paradox in the digital way of working can be experienced as making one more connected, without the feeling of being truly connected.

Within this session, emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace will be discussed together with Lucy Lei, Managing Partner Greater China at Eric Salmon & Partners, Jan Van Loon, Insight Strategy and Consulting at White Caviar, Gina Li, Cross culture management and communication consultant, CEO & Co-Founder Beach Creative Technology, and moderated by Cécilia Vermeulen, General Manager at the Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai.

Topics addressed during this session:

  • Overview of the current situation in China and the EU
  • How forced digitalisation is affecting businesses
  • What best practices can support the efficiency of digital teams?
  • What is emotional intelligence (EQ)?
  • How can EQ be applied in digital teams?

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