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Event held in Chinese 中文活动

Benelux Chamber of Commerce is delighted to invite you to attend our event in association with MS Advisory and SwissCham.



  1. 由于中国的社会保障制度是在地方(省或市)一级管理的,那么,在拥有户口的城市以外的城市缴纳社会保障金,对雇员有什么影响?此外,我们将讨论如何预测一些潜在后果,如何为员工提供减轻风险的机会,以及如何最大限度地提高收益。
  2. 大多数雇主都会遇到这样的情况:雇员表示希望在公司居住城市以外的城市缴纳社会保障金。因此,我们将讨论雇主为居住在中国其他城市的雇员提供社会保障缴款的法律解决方案


1. 社保合规趋势分析:




2. 大数据时代的变革

  • 社保入税的进度和预测
  • 政府征缴的机构变更
  • 大数据背景下的医改发展趋势


Benelux Chamber of Commerce is delighted to invite you to attend our event in association with MS Advisory and SwissCham.

When hiring employees in China, employers must abide by relevant laws and regulations and as such are required to make contributions to social security and the housing provident fund. Compliance is of increasing importance due to the focus of the Chinese authorities on enforcement of regulations, and therefore it is essential for employers to have a basic understanding of the Chinese social security system.

In addition, to providing attendees a basic understanding of China's social security and housing fund system and provide an update on recent developments, throughout this seminar we aim to inform you about some of the most common challenges in managing the hiring of staff in relation to the social security system.

  1. Since the Chinese social security system is administered at the local (provincial- or city-) level, what is the impact for employees when social security contributions are made in a city other than the city of which they hold a Hukou and what are the social security implications of working in different cities throughout their career? Furthermore, we will discuss how some ofthe potential consequences can be anticipated, what are the opportunities to mitigate risks for staff and how can benefits obtained be maximized.
  2. Most employers will encounter situations in which employees express the desire to have social security contributions made in cities other than the city of residence of the company. As such, we will discuss the legal solutions available for employers to make social security contributions for employees residing in other cities in China.

IMPORTANT: The presentations will be in Mandarin accompanied with English PowerPoint slides.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event!


Fairmont Peace Hotel
20 East Nanjing Road, 8F, Salon 2010
Shanghai, China

南京东路20号, 近中山东一路, 8F, Room 2010

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